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Excursion - Forest singing
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  The Primeval Forest Is Singing

A half-day excursion to the mysteries of the unique species of the Carpathian old forest birds with an expert lecturer

Experience the symphony of the forest performed by the forest bird choir. Its best singing performance can only be experienced in a real forest because the forests differ a lot; and only in the early morning or evening hours when the intensity of singing is high.
Explore the secrets and attractions of the bird world. You will learn, for example, why the woodpecker will not get brain concussion even if he pecks into the trees all day, or why the owl does not crane its head even if it can turn it by 270 degrees.

Learn to recognize the basic species of birds according to their characteristic singing and unique sounds. Identify them by their feathers and nests they build. Watch them in their natural environment and learn more about their lives, behaviors and the importance of relationships that they create with other species in the nature.

We will take you to the Nature reserve Udava in the National Park Poloniny. We will inform you about this unique territory, about animals still living here, about the river which springs here and about the natural processes, which are going on continuously here.

If we are lucky, we may see a lesser spotted eagle or a black stork, footprints of a wolf or a bear. We will show you magnificent water castles and dams built by beavers in the mountain streams and we will explain to you their importance for the country.

Our route starts near the village Osadné and leads directly through a fir-beech primeval forest to Poland. We will shortly stop at the Polish cottage Balnica. The route will be only slightly difficult (with a height difference of 285 m) and will lead through a forest terrain with a moderate ascent. Its total length will be approximately 10 km.

We will have several stops on the route with expert commentary. Our lecturer will be the ornithologist Slavomír Senk, whose specialization are mainly predators and owls. We will observe and explore nature at every step. We will move leisurely and on our way we will have one longer snack break.

You can choose a morning excursion that begins early in the morning or an afternoon excursion which ends late in the evening. The best conditions for recognizing the bird species according to their sounds are in the early morning or the early evening hours.

Morning excursion

Time: any time from May until the end of June based on reservation.
Departure: at 5:00 a.m. together in a hotel microbus. An early departure is necessary in order to mange to listen to the singing of birds, which is most intense in the morning.
Return: at 12:30 p.m. after approximately 6 hours spent in the forest.
Food: if you ordered breakfast in the hotel, you will get a package with a meal. Another possibility for refreshment will be at the Balnica cottage (at your own expense, you can pay in Euro).

Afternoon excursion

Time: anytime from May until the end of August based on reservation.
Departure: at 3 p.m. together in a microbus from the hotel.
Return: at 10:30 p.m. after approximately 6 hours spent in the forest. The late return is adapted to the intensive evening activity of some species.
Food: in case you have a dinner in the hotel, you will get a package with a meal. Another possibility for refreshment will be at the Balnica cottage (at your own expense, you can pay in Euro)..

More information

Number of participants: max. 7 persons older than 10 years.
Price: the total price of the excursion is 120 €. The price for an individual will depend on the total number of participants. The price includes the cost of organizing the excursion, the lecturer, renting a telescope, transportation and provision of educational material. Insurance is not included in the price.
Language: Slovak or English.
Good advice: We recommend that you take firm shoes, a raincoat or an umbrella, drinking water, a snack and your ID. We do not recommend you to take your dog for the excursion.
Alternative plan: In case of bad weather (heavy rain), there is an option to use an alternative training program or move the excursion to another date.
More information and reservation: it is necessary to book the excursion in advance on +421 0907 239 447.

Organiser and professional guarantor: Aevis n.o.

Partners: Foundation Aevis and the Zoological Society of Frankfurt
The excursion is part of educational activities focused on wild nature conservation and development of nature tourism.



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